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HeavenFest 2016 Event App

FabFinder iPad iPhone Mockup


HeavenFest was a massive, 2-day music festival that ran in Colorado from 2008-2016.

The HeavenFest 2016 App was created to allow customers to quickly purchase tickets, easily review the event schedule, and connect with the event social media channels.

As the Project Lead for the HeavenFest 2016 Event App, I wore many hats while managing this project. My primary functions included:

  • Complete User Research in order to identify pain points with previous versions of the app
  • Develop medium-fidelity wireframes with the Graphic Design Team to pass along to the Development Team
  • Collaborate with the Development Team to implement essential app functionalities based upon User Research
  • Manage & update all application content such as ticket purchase options, event schedules, artist profiles, etc.
  • Coordinate with the marketing team to evangelize the app to our social followers in order to increase downloads
  • Create documentation for distribution with instructions on how to purchase tickets and redeem tickets at the box office


HeavenFest / Conference Ministries
February 2016 – July 2016
Tools & Methods
App Design, UI/UX, User Research, Wireframing, Project Management


As the Director of Event Services for HeavenFest, one of my fields of responsibility was for the ticketing experience for our customers. Prior to 2016, the only way that users could get tickets was to either purchase them locally which meant traveling to a store, waiting in line, buying the tickets, and sometimes misplacing the physical tickets which increased the number of phone calls our support team received.
Alternatively, customers could purchase tickets through our website, however the ticket buying process was complicated and still resulted in a high number of support calls that our administration team received.

Our challenge in designing the 2016 HeavenFest Event App was three-fold:

  • Simplify the ticket buying process in order to increase sales
  • Decrease wait time at the gates by allowing customers to easily check-in to the Festival via their mobile device without having to print a paper ticket
  • Reduce the number of phone calls our office received by providing answers to common questions within the app
HeavenFest App on iPhone


One of the greatest pain points for both our users and our staff in 2015 was the convoluted process of re-sending a customer’s confirmation email for their ticket purchase. Whether the email ended up in their spam folder, was accidentally deleted, or simply vanished into the void, customers would often need assistance in locating their confirmation email.

Our goal in designing the HeavenFest 2016 Event App was to have a page that allowed our customers to find their order by searching their email address, or their payment information. I’ve included a screenshot of this page below – Click on the image below to view the screen in a lightbox:

HeavenFest 2016 Event App on Android Tablet

I want to highlight why this page was so popular with our users:

  1. Right away, we address why this page exists: To answer questions about the user’s order.
  2. The search box is visually distinct from the rest of the page which immediately catches the user’s eye and prompts them to search for their order.
  3. There is a very clear call to action on this page, “FIND MY ORDER”.  By replacing the generic “Submit” button, we describe exactly what will happen when they press this button – Their order will be found! Further reading on why we avoided the phrase “Submit” can be found at Hubspot

This page was able to help us resolve the 2nd and 3rd objects of this project by reducing the amount of inbound calls to our support team and by ensuring that a higher percentage of our customers had their tickets ready for scanning at the festival entrance.

We were able to reduce the inbound calls to our support team by 35% through this page alone!

HeavenFest 2016 Event App on Android Tablet


One of my favorite features of the HeavenFest 2016 Event App is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Within this page of the app, users are able to find answers to the most common questions regarding the festival. By navigating through the accordion layout, users can learn more about directions to the event, parking, re-entry to the event, and other relevant information.

By including an FAQ in our app, we were able to reduce the volume of phone calls our office received by 25%!